Coca-Cola Partnership with ParkMate

Press Release: Coca Cola 1 October, 2019 Coca-Cola partners with ParkMate to reward everyday legends with an easy night out –  The Coca-Cola Designated Driver programme will run from Monday 23rd September to Sunday 3rd November. –  The Coca-Cola Designated Driver programme offers sober drivers up to three non-alcoholic drinks at participating bars. –  Coca-ColaContinue reading “Coca-Cola Partnership with ParkMate”

1 Horne Street

Rates: Casual – Monday – Saturday (6am-6pm) Per hour or part thereof $1.00 12 hours $5.00 Night – Monday – Sunday (6pm-6am) 12 Hour Flat Rate $3.00 Sunday (12pm-6pm) Per hour or part thereof $1.00 6 hours max $5.00 *Transaction fee applies