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ParkMate FAQs

My parking session

Why is the parking product I want greyed out and I cannot select it?

The product is unavailable. It is only able to be selected during its valid time/day. For example, Weekend parking is only available to select on Saturday and Sunday.

I forgot to stop my session and have been overcharged. What do I do?

Send an email with the details to and we can help you out.

I started a casual session instead of an All Day/Earlybird session, I don’t want to be charged by the hour!

Don’t panic! The app calculates the best rate for your parking. If you stop your session within the perimeters for all day or Earlybird parking, you will only be charged the All Day/Earlybird rate.

I have paid for the wrong car park; how do I change it?

You cannot change the car park on a ParkMate session. You will need to pay again for the correct car park and then email us and we can see what we can do.

I have paid for my parking with the wrong licence plate, can I change it?

You can change the licence plate on an active session within the first 15 minutes. Select the active session and the click on the licence plate to update.

If it has been longer than 15 minutes and your session is still active contact us on either 09 375 5056 or and we can assist.

The licence plate cannot be changed on a session that has expired or been stopped.

I can’t stop my session, what do I do?

You may have selected a prepaid parking product (e.g. Earlybird, All Day, 4 Weeks), your session will expire automatically so does not offer a stop option (your end time will be shown screen).

If you chose casual parking (start/stop parking) and your session timer is counting up but you can’t stop it, phone ParkWatch on 09 375 5056. They are available 24/7 and will be able to stop your session for you.

I paid in advance and the carpark is full, what do I do?

We cannot guarantee availability of any carpark so recommend only paying on the app once you are parked in the car park. If the car park is full you will have to park (and pay for parking) somewhere else.


My credit card has declined, what do I do?

You can retry your failed payment from your ‘Transaction history’.

If you are not sure why your payment has declined and retrying is not working, flick an email to and we can help.

I am trying to start a session, but it says I have a failed payment.

You will not be able to start another parking session until the failed payment has gone through successfully.

I have been charged right away but I usually only get charged at the end of my parking.

You have selected a prepaid parking product instead rather than casual parking (start/stop parking).

Why has $0.01 been taken from my bank account?

When a credit card is added to ParkMate $0.01 is taken as pre-authorisation (a ‘tester’) to check the card is valid. This is always refunded (or disappears from your bank account) within 3 working days.

Is the credit card system secure?

Our secure credit card payment system operated by Advam. They are a Tier 1 payment processor which provide the most stringent industry accreditations including PCI compliance and EMV certification.

Loading and logging in

My screen is just loading but nothing is happening.

Unfortunately, as with any technology sometimes things don’t work as perfectly as we would like. First try exiting out of the app. If this does not do anything your best option is to uninstall and reinstall the app.

If issues continue flick an email to and we will try to help.

I can’t log into my ParkMate account

Check you are using the correct email or mobile to log in. Try the ‘Forget Password’ function.

If this doesn’t work, send us an email and we will help you out.

Can I log onto my ParkMate account through your website?

Yes, to log in on our website you use the same log in details you would use on the app. The website does not allow you to stop an open parking session. You can pay for parking, but you need to have an end time.

You can also edit or delete details on your account.

Promo codes

Can I change or add a promo code when a session has already started?

Yes and no.

Yes, if it is an active casual parking session (start/stop parking) as the payment has not occurred yet. Click the current session, select the code and continue parking as normal and when the session has stopped the discount will be applied to your payment.

No, for prepaid parking like Earlybird, Nights, All Day selections when the payment is taken up front.

Can I delete a promo code?

No, deletion is not available.

How long do expired promo codes appear on my app?

A code will show in the expired section of promo codes for one month after expiry.

Do promo codes expire?

Yes, most codes do have an expiry date.

Why can I not add a promo code?

You are entering the code incorrectly; the code has expired, or it is not available to you (it is restricted and not public).


What happens if I accidentally exit ParkMate or my phone dies?

ParkMate will keep your session active as it is cloud based. When you reopen the app, if you have an active session the timer screen will appear, and your parking will still be active.

Why am I not receiving notifications?

Check your phone settings to see if you have allowed ParkMate to send you notifications.

Why am I not receiving invoices?

Invoices are automatically sent once a transaction has been completed; however, this function can be turned off in ‘My account’.

Also, double check the email address you have on your ParkMate account. This is the email account that the invoices are being sent to and if the email is different this may be why you aren’t receiving them.

Can I use ParkMate at barrier arm car parks?

No but watch this space.

Does ParkMate have a monthly payment option?

Some of our sites have a 4 weekly product which once paid for will cover your selected licence plate in the selected car park for 4 weeks. This can be found as a parking option on the App, you may need to scroll through the parking products to find it.

Do I need to display anything to show I have paid?

No. As soon as you start your parking session our officers’ monitoring devices are instantly sent your license plate details, what car park you are in and whether your parking session is active.

How does the parking enforcement officer know I have an active parking session on ParkMate?

As soon as you start your parking session, our officers’ monitoring devices are instantly sent your license plate details, what car park you are in and whether your parking session is active.

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