How it works

How it works

Sign in/up

Sign in or Sign up

After ParkMate has been installed to your device you will need to log in (if you have previously created an account) or sign up (if you are a new customer).
On sign up you are required to add your name, email, mobile number, licence plate and accept Terms and Conditions. You do not have to add a credit/debit card to enter the app.

Home screen

This is the screen that shows up when you log in.


Move around on the map to find car parks. Your current location (if allowed) will show as a blue dot.
If you search, your search result will show as a red pin on the map.


You can search by address, landmark/place (e.g., Spark Arena) or car park code.

Your recent search history will save, and you can select from your previous searches. You can clear this at any time.


Filter your results by:

Parking type

  • Casual
  • Prepaid


  • 24/7
  • Barrier arm
  • CCTV
  • Covered
  • EV charger
  • Height 2m+
  • Lifts
  • LPR
  • Mobility park
  • Sealed
  • Uncovered
  • On-street

Sort by

  • Closest to you
  • Lowest price

More filters may be added over time.

You can clear your selections by opening them and clicking the blue ‘Clear filters’ in the bottom left.

If you have filters selected, the relevant bubble will
be black.


At the bottom of the Map there is a List that you can swipe up. This will show car parks based on your filters/preferences or, if no filters have been selected, based on your location.
If you swipe the list up you can search, select recent search history, or scroll through car parks by region and sub-region.


Click the three horizontal lines in the top left-hand corner.


Your favourites will show up at the bottom of the screen on the list. The pinpoints on the map will also be blue for a car park that has been favourited.

Active session

If you have an active session it will show on a blue banner at the top of your screen. You can click on this to view session details and to stop parking (if you chose casual parking).


The world symbol. If you click this, you can view the map in satellite view.


If you have moved the map away from your location, click the location symbol (arrow) and you will be taken back to your current location.

Map screen

Move around the map to see what car parks are near you (if you have location turned on).

The pinpoints represent car parks and if you click on a pinpoint it will open the car park on your screen.

Black Pinpoints
Normal car parks.

Blue Pinpoints
You have set a Favourite for this site.

Transparent points
Car park is currently closed or unavailable.

Car park and start session

1. Select your car park.

2. Scroll through the available payment products and choose the option you want.

3. Check your details for the parking session including Notifications, Promo Code, Note, Payment Method and Licence Plate.

4. Click the blue ‘Confirm and start parking’ button and then confirm on the pop-up message.

Casual vs prepaid

If you started a casual session instead of an All Day/Earlybird session, the app calculates the best rate for your parking. If you stop your session within the perimeters for all day or Earlybird parking, you will only be charged the All Day/Earlybird rate (this doesn’t apply to long term products e.g. 4 weeks).

Pricing and car park details

Click ‘View car park details’ to see all information
about the car park. This includes Pricing, Photos,
Operating hours, and Site Information.
You can also view car park details from your active
parking session.

Active session

You can view your active parking session at any time by clicking the blue pulsing banner at the top of the screen.

• If your parking session is casual, you will see the timer on the banner.
• If your session is prepaid, you will see the expiry time/date.
• If you have multiple sessions, the banner will show how many sessions you have.

When you click on the banner, you can view all the details of your session(s).
This is also where stop your casual session by clicking the red ‘Stop my parking’ button.

Edit Licence Plate

You can edit your licence plate within the first 15 minutes of starting your session, for casual and prepaid sessions.

After 15 mins please call our 24/7 ParkWatch team on 09 375 5056 to update it for you.

Multiple sessions

You can have multiple prepaid parking sessions
active at one time as well as one casual session.

You cannot have more than one casual session
active at any one time.

Extending session

You can extend your prepaid parking session if you want to stay longer and are not going to make it back to your vehicle before the expiry time.

How to extend a parking session:

  1. Open the active session
  2. Click the blue ‘Extend parking session’ button
  3. Read pop up and select ‘start new session’
  4. Select the parking option you want
  5. Follow the usual process

Your extended session will show in the active session banner under ‘Upcoming sessions’.

Payment method

You can add a debit/credit card to your account:

Select “My wallet”

Tap on “Add payment method”, and then “Agree” to the card authorisation.

Enter your card details, and “Add”. Follow the prompts to save the card.

Promo codes

A promo code can be added in advance through Settings or on the payment screen.

Type the promo code and click the back arrow. The code will add successfully. If you receive an error, you may be entering the code incorrectly, the code has expired, or it is not available to you (it is restricted and not public).

Once a code is added you view details of the code and depending on the type this will show the value or number of uses left that can be used before expiry. 

‘Codes not valid for this session’ are codes that cannot be used for the car park or time selected.


Save your most used car parks and sessions to access them easily.

There are two favourite options:

Favourite car park

When you open the car park, click the heart (in the top right), add a name and save.

Favourite session

Choose a car park and session (e.g., Casual, Earlybird, All Day), click the heart (next to the session name), add a name and save. This saves the session and car park, for example, Earlybird parking at Princes Wharf.
We cannot add or remove favourites for you, this can only be done from your account on the App.

Finding Favourites

You can locate your favourites easily in three places:

1. List on the Home/Map screen

This is the easiest way to find your favourites.

Above the list, your favourite(s) will save as blue hearts. Click on the heart and you will be taken to your favourite.

2. Blue pinpoint on Map

If a car park has a favourite attached to it the pinpoint will show as blue on the map rather than black.

3. Settings

Go to Favourites and you can do the following actions:

  • Edit
    • add/update/remove nickname
    • delete
  • Click on the Favourite to go to the car park/session
  • Click on the blue heart to remove

Removing favourites

In Settings there are two ways to remove a favourite:

  1. Click the blue heart. This will remove the
    favourite. A message will pop up at the bottom
    of the screen for about 5 seconds giving
    you the opportunity to undo this if you have
    changed your mind or removed it by accident.
  2. Edit. If you click ‘Edit’ on a Favourite, you can
    click the red ‘Delete’ button.

You can also remove a favourite from the car park/session screen by clicking the same heart you used to set the favourite.


Settings can be found in the top left-hand corner next to the Search bar (three horizonal lines). Here you can update details, view, add and remove information (such as licence plates, promo codes and favourites), find bundle offers, contact us and log out.

This includes the following sections:

  • My account
  • My wallet
  • My vehicles
  • Notifications and preferences
  • Transaction history
  • Favourites
  • Promo codes
  • Bundles
  • Contact us/Report an issue
  • Log out

Transaction history

View all your transactions. You can also:

  • add, edit, or delete notes
  • view and send a receipt
  • select multiple transactions

Verifying your email address

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select My Account
  3. If ‘unverified’ is in red next to your email address, then you need to verify. Click ‘unverified’
  4. Verify your email