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Parking woes? Say no more. ParkMate is a smartphone app here to help you find a car park, get directions, and pay for your parking, every time you need to park. Choose from over 400 car parks across New Zealand.

The app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play.

How ParkMate helps you:

· Convenient – search for car parks close to your destination.

· Cost effective – no need to guess your time, simply hit start at the beginning and stop at the end of your session. You can also add more time to your session from the app if you’re using a prepaid option.

· Reminders – set up reminders to notify you that you have a session running or if it’s about to expire.

· Ticketless – no need to display anything on your dashboard. It’s all monitored digitally.

· Favourites – if you park in the same car park often, you can set up a specific car park or session as a favourite and start a parking session each day with only three touches.

· Bundles and Promotions – save on parking all over New Zealand with promo codes and bundle purchases.

· Transaction history – keep track of when and where you have parked.

· Contactless – to help keep you safe.

ParkMate also caters to businesses:

· Corporate Accounts – one account and one payment method for all your fleet and monthly reporting, account management and usage control. See more

· Visitor Bookings – book customer/client parking and add extra time if customer parks longer than originally intended. All controlled through a self-managed portal. See more

· Staff Parking – manage your building’s car parks efficiently, free monitoring and reporting included.

· Marketing – you can take advantage of our marketing tools and have customised messaging to your users via EDM, splash screens, push notifications or text.

Spend more time on what you’d rather be doing.

ParkMate. Do more.