Corporate Accounts

Corporate Account

It’s an easy and convenient way to manage and pay for staff parking.

With a Corporate Account, we take the preferred payment method from your business and attach it to an administrative account. From here you can add staff members or vehicle licence plate’s to the account so that they have access to the company payment method to use for their parking.

As the administrator, you have access to add and remove people/licence plate’s from the account at any time. This means if a staff member leaves your company, you can remove them from the account so that they no longer have access to your payment method.

Restrictions can be added to the Corporate Account, for example, you can restrict times, days, regions or car parks.

Control usage

Stay on top of who has access to your payment method. Add/remove staff or vehicles from your account at any time.


See all transactions from your account and keep track of who has parked. Export transaction history or download receipts at any time.

Less admin

No reimbursements and no need to collect receipts. Transaction records can be easily located online.

Payment Options

Credit Card
Your card will be charged at the time of transaction (parking session). No set up or admin fees.

Direct Debit
You will be charged on the first working day of each month for your total parking from the previous month. One off $50 set up fee applies.

Over 200 clients


Which car parks are included?

All car parks active on ParkMate are included, unless you choose to restrict the Corporate Account to specific sites or regions. 

This includes operators such as Wilson Parking, Smales Farm, Napier City Council, Hastings District Council and Whanganui District council. 

Do staff have to use the app?

Yes. Each staff member will need to download the app and create an account.  Once they are connected to the Corporate Account, they will have access to the company’s payment method on their own account.  

Can I get all the receipts sent to me?

Unfortunately, you cannot get each receipt sent to you. However, the Corporate Account admin log in gives you access to all receipts for any transaction made through the company payment method. 

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