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7 Reasons why you will save money with ParkMate

It has been said that for every trip in your car you must then park it somewhere.  There are many parking options but this might mean the ideal spot you want outside your front door is expensive, limited in what time you can park there or you just can’t tell if you should even be there or not!  You have to read too many signs and then the number after the dollar sign seems to be in roman numerals, it has so many digits.  It’s super frustrating!

Remember when every now and then a news item appeared where somebody is caught standing in a car park holding it for someone else and you were there first?  Parking can be very frustrating.  There just doesn’t seem to be enough space for everyone.

There are a number of features that our Parking App can help you with;

1. Price – you can check out all of the car park prices in the city before you arrive so you know exactly what you are going to pay – no more cruising for the perfect price – you already know where it is!

2. Navigation – you can choose a car park and then pick navigation so the MAP function will take you right there, no cruising around, no wrong turns and no more missing the start of the movie!

3. Discounts – if you choose the ParkMate App, it is often at a discount to the price for when you drive up.  Check the rate board when you drive in – ParkMate is almost always at a discount!

4. Avoid Payment kiosks – ParkMate eliminates the pay machines and the queues.  You don’t even need tickets.

5. Bad Weather – with ParkMate you avoid standing in the rain to pay for parking.  You can pay for your parking while sitting in the comfort of your car.

6. No Cash or Card – no need to carry cash or cards when you use a parking App.

7. Business and Corporate – will allow you and your colleagues to manage and keep track of parking.  Get your work place to use the parking App and you may be able to negotiate a better deal than you have now.


We all know that driving the car is still a necessity today in most New Zealand cities.  However, travelling by car can be a real headache. For these 7 reasons, you can make that trip easier by using a ParkMate.

ParkMate is the largest parking App in New Zealand today. We have over 260,000+ customers using the App and are in the majority of the large towns and cities in New Zealand.  You can drive New Zealand on ParkMate.

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