Make commuting easier

Make your commute easier with ParkMate

The ParkMate App has lots of features that will make your parking experience easy and stress-free. Read on to find out why ParkMate is a great option for you.


The perfect option for the way the world has headed. Pay contactless from your own phone in your own vehicle. No need to go a machine.

All Day Option

Don’t worry about forgetting to stop your parking session, use the blue button and pay for all day/Earlybird. This option will charge you up front and then expire on its own, so you do not have to stop it.

The blue button also offers options for, night parking, weekend parking, 24 hour parking and 4 weekly parking. Not every car park has these options available.

Change Rego

Are you driving in a different vehicle than usual? Perhaps your car is in the garage, or you have a loan car?

It is easy to go into autopilot when paying for your parking. If you are driving a different vehicle than usual, this can lead to you forgetting to change your rego before you click ‘Confirm and Start Parking’.

ParkMate has a simple solution to this problem. Within the first 15 minutes, you can update the number plate on an active session. Just click on the active session, select ‘Vehicle Registrations’ and change. This will take effect right away. 


To receive push notifications from the app you must have allowed ParkMate to send you notifications when you first downloaded the app.

To check, go to your phone settings and make sure you have allowed notifications. 

Apple             Settings > ParkMate > Notifications

Android         Settings > Apps > ParkMate > Notifications

Once you have allowed notifications you can edit how often they are sent through the ‘Options’ tab on ParkMate.

For prepaid (blue button) parking sessions, the app will remind you before the expiry of your session (e.g. 1 hour before the session ends).

For casual (green button) parking sessions, the app will remind you the session is still running as often as you select (e.g. a notification every 15 minutes).

Click here to find out more about the difference between the blue button and the green button.

For more information about how to ParkMate works – click here

Download the App (iOS and Android).