ParkMate Services

ParkMate how it works

Who are we? What do we do? ParkMate has evolved into more than just a parking app. Here is a brief rundown of the services ParkMate offers.

parkmate payment platform
Payment Platform

We are a smartphone app that provides an alternative payment method to pay for parking, without having to use a pay machine or display a ticket on your windshield. ParkMate is contactless parking with a full transaction (parking) history available so you [as the customer] can keep track of where you have been.

parkmate payment platform
Car Park Management

Take the stress away from managing a car park. ParkMate provides an ‘all in one’ solution to parking needs and requirements, which endorses a smarter and more simplistic end-to-end parking experience for its users. Whether it’s paid parking or free, we cater to all needs and requirements. As an “value add” product, the ParkMate app seamlessly integrates with Parking Enforcement Services utilised to protect your car parking spaces from misuse.

parkmate payment platform
Staff Parking

Set up your car park for your staff to use. Your car park will have exclusive access, only able to be seen on the app by those you choose. This service can utilise our pre-booking which is not available at all car parks.

– Car park utilisation
– Insights and Reporting
– Monitoring

parkmate payment platform
Retail Staff Parking

Designate paid parking areas for longer term/staff parking to clear congestion in the car park for retail customers. A retail car park only has a certain amount of parking spaces. These spaces are taken up as staff park in them, the car park then becoming unavailable once full. This can deter customers from shopping as there is nowhere to park when they arrive.

parkmate payment platform
Corporate Account

An easy and convenient way to manage and pay for staff parking. Give your staff parking without the associated cost. No more collecting receipts, reimbursement or expense claims.

This option is self-manageable and gives you complete access to all your company’s transaction/parking information.

parkmate payment platform
Business Booking

Book customer and client parking easily. A web-based interface, easily utilised by hotels, gyms, retailers, doctors and many others that need pre-booked parking for their clients and customers.

parkmate payment platform
Host Park

Whether you have a single driveway space or a whole car park, earn income from your vacant space and host it on Host Park.

The Host has full control of their car park and can set rates and availability. List your space – Go to the ‘Host Park’ tab on the ParkMate App and follow the on-screen instructions.

parkmate payment platform
Parking Enforcement

There are always people who like to push the boundaries a little. We can give them a polite nudge in the right direction by providing enforcement for your car park. The best part, it’s FREE!

Enforcement can be provided for time limit parking and paid parking

To enquire about any of these options, please email

For Corporate enquires please fill in the Corporate Account form.

For Business Booking enquires, please fill out the Business Booking form.

To list your vacant space(s) on Host Park, go onto the ParkMate app, sign up (if you have not already) and follow the prompts through the ‘Host Park’ tab.