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Could an app help solve big city parking woes? ParkMate believes it can with the addition of a brand-new feature.

Heading into the city, but dreading the mission of finding a parking spot? You’re not alone; with unprecedented growth in the number of vehicles on our roads, there’s never been more competition to find somewhere to leave your car at a reasonable price. That’s where ParkMate comes in, an app-driven service which makes it easy to find, book and pay for suitable parking – and now ParkMate goes a step further to help bring more parking spaces on to the market.

“Apps make our lives easier in all sorts of ways. We’ve already helped make it simple for thousands of people to find and pay for parking with ParkMate, but to date that hasn’t addressed the problem of too many cars and not enough parking spaces,” Steve, a spokesperson for ParkMate, says.

In fact, an Auckland Transport discussion document states that as Auckland grows, the demand for parking in city centres will intensify and need to be managed to ensure customers can access parking and to avoid congestion. Their plans include the need for estimated additional 10,000 spaces by 2041.

But what if those parking spaces already exist, but just aren’t available to the average motorist?

“That’s what is so exciting about the new Host Park feature; it allows anyone to put a vacant parking bay on the market, potentially vastly increasing supply and making your empty space work for you,” says Steve.

Businesses or individuals who have a vacant parking space (or spaces) simply register as a Host, either on the app or by enquiring through ParkMate’s website. As a Host, you are provided with full control of your car park, including the ability to set your own rates and availability.

ParkMate says any suitable space can be made available for others to park their car in. “So long as it is a recognised parking area and it belongs to you, Host Park lets you put it out there. Whether a single driveway space, right through to a business which might have an entire empty parking lot, Host Park turns it into an asset which earns you money.”

The parking spaces are added to the ParkMate database; the large number of existing ParkMate app users can search for a spot and rent yours when it is available.

ParkMate looks after all the complicated processing in the background which makes it easy for both those looking for somewhere to leave their vehicle, and those who have space available, including setting out the terms and conditions for both parties.

Because ParkMate works in much the same way as ride sharing apps, it helps navigate to the right place, and then takes care of the transactional aspects for ease of payment. Money goes directly to hosts, with a percentage deducted going to ParkMate to look after the R&D, processing and merchant facilities.

The Host Park feature is revolutionary and could do for parking what Uber has done for transport. “If you think about it, the real problem isn’t so much a shortage of parking as it is an inability to match any empty space with those who need it. The technology we’ve used to create ParkMate and Host Park solves these problems. And it does so on a massive scale.”

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