Reasons for a Road Trip

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Reasons to go on a Road Trip

Recently we interviewed one of our Consultants, Kevin.  He spoke about the inevitable replacement of the parking meter by the parking App.

“While dreaming of my next road trip to Gisborne in a few weeks, I searched for a good reason to do a roadie.  I was amazed that Google displayed a long list, in no particular order,

– 10 empowering reasons to take that long-awaited road trip

– 5 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Go on that Road Trip

– 15 Reasons to go on a Road Trip

– 12 Reasons To Go On A Road Trip

– 11, 3, 7……….reasons to do a road trip

It seems people need a lot of reasons to do a roadie!

So armed with as many reasons as I could use, I started browsing maps to plan the trip.  A tip here is if you haven’t driven the ‘Lake Road’ between Rotorua and Wairoa, it’s a long way around to get to Gisborne, but it’s well worth the venture.  I worked through accommodation, the event I was going to and parking.

A number of years ago, a group of us municipal parking professionals pondered the demise of actual parking meters and how a parking App would conquer the world.  I thought at the time, when many great minds were turning to how to re-build Christchurch infrastructure after the earthquakes, when great ideas of any denomination and lunacy were being mused over, that a mobile phone parking App would be a great idea instead of an on-street parking meter.  The customer carries the parking meter in their pockets, software updates are installed by the customers themselves and we don’t have to guarantee or provide warranties for the hardware. It was such a cool idea.

As sensible and utilitarian as that sounded, it had two problems.  First, it seemed that every Council in the country was determined to put their own unique parking App into circulation and second, the bank account details that sit in the back of many Apps, not just parking ones, had to be re-entered for every city you went to because of the many and varied Apps that had prospered across the country.  So, it has become a slow-moving progression of some Apps in some places and other Apps in other places.

Municipalities also tend to keep a new-tech solutions’ commissioning delayed as they believe the public either doesn’t have enough smartphones or we all have a familiarisation and fondness of actual parking meters and don’t want to change – just yet.  All of which is not true.

The problem with this is that we can’t do a ‘roadie’ without taking, in some cases, coins, to pay for any parking we use as we hit the big towns.  As a tourist, we are shut out of parking without cash or card simply because we had to download a new App each time we arrived in a new place. A minor inconvenience you might think but an inconvenience it remains.

Enter Parkmate!  I was browsing the map on my Parkmate parking App I have on my phone, armed with the previous reasons for travel, and I realised that the pondering we did those years ago was not in vane as Parkmate actually had an App in all the big smokes across the entire country!  I can go from Whangarei to Invercargill and most of the fabulous places in between and use my Parkmate App. Inconvenience vanquished!

Parkmate is the largest parking App in New Zealand now. We have over 235,000+ customers using the App and are in most of the main towns and cities in New Zealand.”