4 Weekly

Learn how to purchase a 4 weekly session

Do you park 4+ times a week? Consider a 4 weekly product.

With our 4 weekly option, you do not need to start a parking session every time you park. There are no contracts involved. If you no longer need to park, simply let your session expire and don’t renew it. Easy!

Please note: The 4 weekly option must be showing on the blue button when you select and confirm. Always read what is written on the blue button before clicking to confirm it is the correct option you are choosing.

To purchase a 4 weekly session you need to:

1. Select your car park

2. On the blue button click ‘More Options’ and select the 4 weekly option then go back. The ‘4 weekly’ option will now show on the blue button.

3. Click the blue button

4. Confirm and Start Parking

Once purchased, you will be covered in the car park for 4 weeks (28 days). If you need to park with a different vehicle, please contact us and let us know the new rego and our team can update it for you.