1 Month Parking

Wellington Easter Egg Hunt 2021

To use and redeem your prize:

  1. Download and Sign up for Parkmate (if you have already done this, simply Sign in)
  2. Go to the ‘Options’ tab (bottom right of the screen)
  3. Select ‘Promotional Codes’
  4. Click ‘Add New Promotional Code’ and add the code

How to use a Promo Code:

  1. Sign in to ParkMate
  2. Select your car park
  3. Tap the ‘Select Promotional Code For This Session’ at the bottom of the page
  4. Type in the promo code or select if previously added
  5. Select the blue or green button
  6. Hit ‘Confirm & Start Parking’

Terms Conditions:

Promo code is only valid for the account it is attached to. Promo code allows 100% off for 30 days parking. It is not transferable to third parties’ vehicles or accounts. It is not transferable or redeemable for cash. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure they use the promo code on sessions where it is applicable and no refunds will be given if a user has forgotten to apply the promo code. Valid parking session must still be started using the promo code. Promo code will expire 30 days after first transaction. Promo code is valid at all Wilson Parking Pay by Plate/Pay and Display carparks in Wellington. These are all available on ParkMate. Barrier arm car parks are not available on ParkMate so are excluded from this promotion. Promo code cannot be reinstated after the 30 day period, no matter the usage.

Need more information?