Tips and Tricks

Location, List and Pricing

Here are some helpful tips that will make using ParkMate easier than ever.

Location Settings

When searching for a car park, ParkMate will show car parks near your location. If your Location Settings are not turned on, the app will default to Auckland CBD.

There are 2 ways to check your location is on:

1. Go to the ‘Options’ tab on ParkMate and select ‘Update Account Details’. Here you can turn the ‘Use My Location’ toggle.

(Do not forget to click ‘Update Account’ to save all changes.)

2. Go to your phone settings and check that you have allowed ParkMate to use your location.

We understand that not everyone likes to allow Apps to use their location. Therefore, you can use the ‘While Using’/ ‘Only Whilst App is in Use’ option.

Blue car

There is a small blue car on the map that you may have missed. This represents your current location. Based on the blue car, you can then see which car parks are closest to where you are.

Note: The car may not be 100% accurate

List view

When searching for a car park, ParkMate defaults to the ‘Map’ view. However, above the search bar, next to the word ‘Map’ is a ‘List’ option.

The list will show all the car parks in list form. This allows you to see the name/address and ‘P number’ for each car park without clicking in and out of a pinpoint from the map.

In the list view, the car parks near you will show up first (same as the map). If you continue scrolling down the screen, ‘Regions’ will appear. You can then select a region and view (and select) all car parks in that specific region. This is a great option if you are looking at parking information ahead of time.


It is always handy to have an idea of your parking cost before you park. ParkMate is contactless and encourages people to pay via the app. This means that ParkMate users do not need to go to a machine on site. We are aware that next to the machine is normally a rates board so if our customers are not going to the machine then they are not viewing the rates board either.

The rates can be viewed directly through the app so that you don’t have to walk to the rates board on site. This also gives you the opportunity to check the prices in advance.