Options Tab

Learn how to use the ‘Options Tab’

Change Password

You can update your password whenever you like.

Update Account Details

Here you can edit the following:

– First Name

– Last Name

– Email Address

– Mobile Number

You can also check the following preferences:

– Invoice Emails

– Location

– Host Park

If you need to view Terms and Conditions, you can do so here.

Always click ‘Update Account’ to save any changes.

Registration Plates

You can add, edit and delete number plates.

Promotional Codes

Add promo codes and look at promo code details.

Note: promo codes can also be added through the home screen (Sessions) tab.

Campaign Preferences

Choose your marketing/campaign preferences. These are SMS, In App, Email and Push Notification.

We recommend leaving these all active as they are often used to communicate important information such as, rate changes, car park closures/openings and special deals.

Please note that if you disable preferences you will still receive relevant system notifications.


Set how often you would like to receive reminders.

Please make sure you check in your phone settings that you have allowed ParkMate to send you notifications. Without this allowed the notifications sent by the app will not reach your phone.


Settings > ParkMate >Notifications


Settings > Apps > ParkMate > Notifications

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