Save your most used car parks and sessions to access them easily.

You asked, we listened! You can now set car parks and car park products as a Favourite to make your parking process even easier giving you time to do more of what you love.

Favourite car park

When you open the car park, click the heart (in the top right), add a name and save.

Favourite session

Choose a car park and session (e.g., Casual, Earlybird, All Day), click the heart (next to the session name), add a name and save. This saves the session and car park, for example, Earlybird parking at Princes Wharf.

We cannot add or remove favourites for you, this can only be done from your account on the App.

Finding Favourites

You can locate your favourites easily in three places:

1. List on the Home/Map screen

This is the easiest way to find your favourites.

Above the list, your favourite(s) will save as blue hearts. Click on the heart and you will be taken to your favourite.

2. Blue pinpoint on Map

If a car park has a favourite attached to it the pinpoint will show as blue on the map rather than black.

3. Settings

Go to Favourites and you can do the following actions:

  • Edit
    • add/update/remove nickname
    • delete
  • Click on the Favourite to go to the car park/session
  • Click on the blue heart to remove

Removing favourites

In Settings there are two ways to remove a favourite:

  1. Click the blue heart. This will remove the favourite. A message will pop up at the bottom
    of the screen for about 5 seconds giving you the opportunity to undo this if you have
    changed your mind or removed it by accident.
  2. Edit. If you click ‘Edit’ on a Favourite, you can click the red ‘Delete’ button.

You can also remove a favourite from the car park/session screen by clicking the same heart you used to set the favourite.