Blue Button vs Green Button

The Blue Button

Earlybird, all day, night, weekend, 4 weekly, max stay. This button will charge you right away and expire automatically at the set time – no need to stop.

The Green Button

Casual parking. This is a start/stop system which needs to be stopped when you have finished parking. Once stopped the app will calculate the best rate for your time parked and charge you.

Have you clicked the wrong button?

If you accidentally select the green button instead of the blue button, do not panic. Leave the session running and stop it when you get back to your car. As long as it is within the normal parameters you will just be charged your normal rate.

For example: you were meant to select the all day parking for 12 hours but clicked the green button. Leave the session running and as long as you stop the parking session within 12 hours the app will just charge you the all day rate.

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