How to update the new app

How to update the new app

The new ParkMate app has been released and is available in the App Store and Play Store.

You can select whether the app should be updated to the newest version automatically or manually.

See below how to update the app for Android and Apple devices.

iOS – app update

1. Automatic update

Go to Settings > App Store > Automatic Downloads > App updates > turn this toggle on.

When you turn on automatic update, your apps are automatically updated via Wi-Fi.

2. Manual update

Go to the “App store” > tap on the top-right icon .

ParkMate should be in the list under “Upcoming automatic updates”, select the “Update” button, and this will upgrade the app immediately.

Android – app update

1. Automatic update

Go to the Play store > tap on top-right icon of your account > Settings > Network preferences > “Auto update apps”

This will open a pop-up with three options, select the one your prefer: Over any network, Over Wi-fi only, Don’t auto-update apps.

2. Manual update

Go to the “Play Store” and enter “ParkMate” in the search bar, and the new app should come up.

Select the ParkMate app and tap on the “Update” button.

You can now “Open” the app. For both devices you will be logged out of your account. You can log in with your credentials as normal.

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